Military Resume

Colonel Craig H. Hullinger 

United States Marine Corps Reserve Retired 

Colonel Hullinger enlisted in November 1966 and went to Boot Camp at Parris Island. He served with 5th Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion and was meritoriously promoted to LCpl. He was selected to attend Officers Candidate School (Boot Camp Twice!) and Commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in January 1969.

He arrived in Vietnam in 24 December 1969, serving with MASS-3 and MWCS-18 in the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. He extended his tour to transfer to the 1st Marine Division, serving as Operations Officer and XO of Division Communications Company and Radio Relay Officer of 7th Comm Battalion. He was in the last Marine Ground unit to leave Vietnam in June 1971.

Colonel Hullinger was discharged from active duty in July 1971 and joined MWCS-48 in the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. He served in several platoons and as Operations Officer and XO. He then served with 4th Marine Division Headquarters and Headquarters Marine Corps.

He returned to MWCS-48 in 1989-91 as Commanding Officer. Part of the Squadron was activated for Desert Storm. He was promoted to Colonel in 1990.

Colonel Hullinger then served MARFORLANT at Norfolk and Camp Lejeune. He completed his 32 years of service as the Senior Officer in the Amphibious Warfare Technology Directorate at Quantico. He retired in 1999.

Hullinger remains active in military organizations as a Board Member of the Military Officers Association of America-Sarasota Chapter, Marine Corps League, Marine Corps Association, VFW, the Marine Corps Reserve Association, and 
a Board Member for Trot For Tots.

In civilian life he is a city planning consultant. He has served as a city manager and county planning director. He is Vice President of Sarasota Sister Cities. He is married to Beth Ruyle Hullinger and the father of Leigh Ann and Bret.

Hullinger writes several Marine blogs.

Colonel Craig H. Hullinger United States Marine Corps Reserve Retired 

He enlisted in 1966, completing active duty in 1971, and then served in the Marine Reserve until 1999.  Promoted from Private to Lance Corporal.  Commissioned in 1969 as a 2nd Lieutenant. Served 18 months in Vietnam. Trained as a Communications Officer, with additional background in Air Control, Electronic Warfare, and Exercise Planning and Evaluation.

Promoted to Colonel in 1990 while serving as Commanding Officer of MWCS-48. Served as Reserve G-6 MARFORLANT at Camp Lejeune. Senior Officer in the Amphibious Warfare Technology Directorate at Quantico.  

Hullinger remains active in military organizations as a Board Member for Trot For Tots, and as a member of the Military Officers Association of America, Marine Corps League, Marine Corps Association, VFW, and the Marine Corps Reserve Association.


NAME:  Colonel Craig H. Hullinger, USMCR Retired    

MOS:   9906/2502

DOR:   1 Dec 1990 Retired 28 Feb 1999

PEBD:  8 Nov 1966 2 years enlisted, Commissioned 1 Jan 69



BILLET------------------ UNIT--------------------------------DATES

Anti Air Warfare----------5th LAAMBn, Yuma, AZ -------------1967
Comm Watch Officer-----MWCS-18 1st MAW Vietnam--------1969
Comm Elec Officer------- MASS-3, 1st MAW Vietnam---------1970
Operations Officer--------1st MarDiv Comm Company, RVN---1971
Multichannel Off----------7th Comm Bn, FLC, Vietnam---------1971


Project Officer Amphib Warfare, Quantico, VA 1995-99
G-6 IMA MARFORLANT, Camp Lejeune 1991-94
Commanding Officer MWCS-48, NAS Glenview 1989-91
Project Team Leader C-4 IMA, HQMC 1988-89
CEO/S-4/Historian 4th MarDiv HQ Det 4 1986-88
Executive Officer MWCS-48, NAS Glenview 1982-86
Operations Officer Marine Wing Comm, Glenview 1979-82
Assistant Oper O MWCS-48, NAS Glenview 1975-78
Wire Platoon Cmdr Marine Wing Comm, Chicago 1974-75
Comm Cen Plt Cmdr MWCS-48, Chicago 1973-74
Radio Platoon Cmdr MWCS-48, Chicago 1972-73


Served as CO, MACG-48 Det, 2 Weeks 1991
Served as J-6, Ocean Venture 3 Weeks 1993
Developed Marine Warfighter,
a battle simulation game 2 Weeks 1995, 97, 99



National Security Course 1993 2  Weeks
National Security Course 1990 2  Weeks
Landing Force Ground Combat 1988 2  Weeks
Steel Thrust Controllers School 1987 2  Weeks
Command and Staff College 1986-87 4  Weeks
Advanced NATO Electronic Warfare 1985 2  Weeks
Landing Force Comm Planning 1984 2  Weeks
Air Force Command and Staff College 1983 2  Weeks
Air Control Operations Course 1982 1  Weeks
BLT/RLT Operations Planning 1980 2  Weeks
Electronic Warfare Course Germany 1979 2  Weeks
Landing Force Comm Operations Plan 1974 2  Weeks
Comm Planning Course, Okinawa 1971 2  Weeks
RPS School, Danang, RVN 1970 2  Weeks
Basic Comm Officers Course 1969 12 Weeks
The Basic School 1969 24 Weeks
Officers Candidate School 1968-69 10 Weeks
Anti Air Warfare Elect Operator 1967 8  Weeks
Infantry Training Regiment 1967 2  Weeks
Boot Camp  MCRD Parris Island 1967 8  Weeks


City Planning Consultant, Partner, 
Ruyle Hullinger and Associates


B.A. Public Administration    Governors State University  1973
M.A. Environmental Science    Governors State University  1975
2 Years Post Graduate School  University of Illinois      1986


Married to Elizabeth Ruyle, with 2 children:

Height 6'2"    Weight 214 lbs        DOB 1 Dec 47

Address                                  Phone      

5057 Creekside Trail              309 634 5557        
Sarasota, FL 34243


1966    Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 6 November.

1967    Boot Camp at Parris Island, Infantry training at Camp Lejeune.  Attended Anti Air Warfare Operators Course at 29 Palms. First in class, meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal.

1968    Assigned to the 5th LAAMBn at MCAS Yuma AZ.  Served in the AAOC, participated in five live fire exercises. Selected for Officers Candidate School from Enlisted Commissioning Program.

1969    Commissioned a 2nd Lieutentant.  Attended Basic School and Communications Officers School at Quantico.  Assigned to1st  MAW, Danang, Vietnam, with Marine Wing Communications Squadron-18.

1970    Assigned to Marine Air Support Squadron 3 as Communications Electronic Officer.  Received  Letter of Commendation.  Extended tour for six months for duty with 1st Marine Division.

1971    Assigned to Division Communications Company as Assistant Communications Center Officer, then S-3, and then XO. Transferred to Communications Support Company, Radio Platoom Commander, FLC. Released from active duty to attend college.

1972    Received Navy Commendation Medal with "V". Joined Marine Wing Communications Squadron 48 in January, and served as Wire Platoon Commander.

1973    Appointed Multichannel Platoon Commander. Attended Comm Planning Course at Coronado.

1974    Became Multichannel and Radio Platoon Commander. Air Command and Control Exercise at Camp Pendleton.

1975    Appointed Communications Center OIC. Planned and implemented ACE Comm for MAB Ex at Camp Lejeune.

1976    Appointed Assistant S-3 - Planned the Squadron ATD. Planned and implemented 5 local unit exercises.

1977    Assistant S-3 - Planned and supervised major exercise with multichannel links between El Toro and 29 Palms, helped earn Squadron of the Year Award.

1978    Assistant S-3 - Planned Communications and EW for Operation High Intercept.  Received Letter of Commendation from 4th MAW.

1979    Assistant S-3 - Planned and implemented support for WTI. Attended EW Course with German Army Signal Corps.

1980    Assistant S-3 - Planned and implemented exercise in support of the Weapons Training Instruction at MCAS Yuma Exercise WTI.

1981    Appointed S-3 - Planned and implemented Exercise.  Wrote and implemented seven unit local training exercises.

1982    S-3 - Planned and implemented Squadron participation in Exercise at El Toro, Yuma, and 29 Palms.  Attended Little Creek Air Control Operations Course, and finished 1st in class. Conceived and assisted in the planning of CAMASGE, the Chicago Area Marine Air Sea and Ground Exercise conducted at NTC Great Lakes, Fort Sheridan, Libertyville, and NAS Glenview.  

1983    Appointed XO - Served as ACE CEO at 29 Palms. Evaluated and wrote a report on British F1F1 VHF single channel automatic retransmission equipment and on the U.S. Army10 Channel VHF Antenna. Attended Air Force Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base.  Wrote plan for a detachment for MWCS-48.

1984    XO - Responsible for bringing Squadron up to 90%  drill attendance.  Served at Cherry Point MAB Exercise. Attended Landing Force Communication Course at Coronado. Served as CEO/OIC of detachment at Camp Pickett Logistics Exercise with U.S. Army, National Guard, and NATO countries.

1985   XO  -  Responsible for preparation for successful IG inspection and successful Mobilization  exercise.  Served as CO 1/23 for the Communications Officers Course at Quantico.  Attended Aviation Staff Planning Course at Coronado.  Attended Advanced NATO Electronic Warfare Course at SHAPE Headquarters in Oberammergau, West Germany.

1986    XO -  Served as acting CO during absence of CO.  Served as CO of the BSSG at Comm School Exercise at Quantico.Attended Command and Staff College.  Joined Detachment 4 of Headquarters 4th MarDiv.  Trained as a Steel Thrust Controller at Houston. Wrote three papers on the Reserve MAB, air control communications at CAX, a proposal for an annual Marine Air Ground Exercise at Chicago. Squadron received General Raisch award as best air control Squadron in the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing.

1987    Steel Thrust Controller for Detachment 4 of Headquarters 4th MarDiv. Served as Playing Surface Controller for 5 Steelthrust exercises.  Served on the Marine Corps Scholarship Committee, and as Sgt at Arms of the Chicago MCROA Chapter.  Attended Command and Staff College Phase 2. Wrote unit annual report and Command Chronology. Wrote a position paper proposing the establishment of a Reserve Radio Battalion, and a defense scenario for the BSSG.

1988   HQMC C4I2 Reserve Augmentation Unit.  Worked in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, and Interoperability.  Evaluated proposed orders and interoperability plans. Flew at own expense to Washington DC for   drills. Served as Vice President of Chicago Chapter of MCROA. OIC of the Chicago Recruiting Service Support Officer. Attend MEB Planning Course.  Joined the Marine Executive Association, lifetime MCROA.

1989  Commanding Officer, Marine Wing Communications Squadron 48. Took Command in October 1989. Commanded unit while it was     planned for expansion to 4 detachments located at El Toro, Alameda, Willow Grove and Glenview. Initiated efforts to support NATO and WESTPAC exercises.

1990-91  Commanding Officer, MWCS-48.  Sent detachments to support exercises in Puerto Rico, California, and North Carolina. Planned and implemented communication for Solar Flare. Volunteered for duty for operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

1991-95  Served in MARFORLANT as Reserve G-6. Participated in numerous exercises.  Served as the          G-6 in the absence of the Regular G-6.

1995-1999  Served as the Senior Military Officer in the Amphibious Warfare Technology Directorate. Participated in the development of numerous high tech systems designed to improve combat ability. Initiated the development of a computer game for Marines to enhance their understanding of warfare tactics.  Performed last drill day in Danang, RVN, before retiring in 1999.


Feasibility study for the establishment of a Detachment of MWCS-48, 1983

Proposal for an annual air land sea amphibious exercise in Chicago, 1985

Point Paper on the merits of establishing a Reserve MAB in northern latitudes, targeted for cold weather operations, 1986.

Position Paper on the establishment of a Reserve Radio Battalion, 1987.

Scenario for BSSG Defense for Steel Thrust 1987.

Point Paper for the establishment of a Joint Serve War Fighting School, 1988.  

Analysis of Marine Corps Interoperability Plan 1988.

Program of Instruction (POI) for the establishment of a Marine Corps School to train Base Communication Electronics Office personnel, 1989.

27 Operation Plans and LOI's for unit drill exercises.

18 Operation Plans and LOI's for unit ATDs.


1990   National Security Course, Fort McNair, VA

1988   Marine Amphibious Brigade Planning, NAB Coronado CA

1987    Command and Staff College Phase 2 Quantico VA

1986    Steel Thrust Controllers School MCRTC Houston TX

1986    Command and Staff College Phase 1 MCDEC Quantico VA

1985    Aviation Staff Planning Course, LFTCPAC Coronado CA

1985    Advanced NATO Electronic Warfare Course at SHAPE Headquarters in Oberammergau, West Germany.

1984    Landing  Force  Communication  Planning  LFTCPAC

1983    Air Force Command & Staff College at Maxwell AFB

1982    Air Control Operations Course, LFTCLANT

1981    Weapons Tactics Instruction Course MCAS Yuma AZ

1980    BLT/RLT Operations Planning, LFTCLANT, Little Creek VA

1979    Electronic Warfare Course conducted by the German Army at the German Army Signal School, Feldafing GDR.

1975    Digital Computer Systems Naval Reserve Officers School

1973    Landing Force Communications Planning Course, LFTCPAC

1972    Military Communications, University of Illinois, Chicago  

1970    Registered Publications Course, Danang, RVN.

1970    Communications Planning Course, Okinawa.

1969    Basic Communication Officers Course, MCDEC Quantico, VA.

1969    The Basic School, MCDEC Quantico, VA.

1969    OCS, MCDEC Quantico, VA.

1967    Anti Air Warfare Electronic Operators Course, 29 Palms

1967    ITR, Infantry Training Regiment,  Camp Geiger, NC.

1967    Boot Camp  MCRD Parris Island, SC


        YEAR      LOCATION            DESCRIPTION

     69-71   Vietnam Live Fire Operations

         72       29 Palms         Palm Tree Exercise

         73       Coronado         Comm Planning Course

         74       Pendleton        Exercise

         75       New River        MAB Exercise

         76       Pendleton        Exercise

         77       29 Palms         CAX

         78       Cherry Point     Exercise High Intercept

         79       West Germany     NATO Electronic Warfare School                      Yuma             Exercise  WTI

         80       Yuma             Exercise WTI
                  Little Creek     BLT/RLT Planning

         81       Yuma             Exercise/School WTI

         82       29 Palms         Exercise
                  Little Creek     Air Control Operations Course

         83       Maxwell AFB      Air Force Command & Staff
                  29 Palms         CAX

         84       Cherry Point     MAB Exercise
                  Coronado         Landing  Force Communication
                  Camp Pickett     Logistics Exercise

         85       West Germany     NATO Advanced EW Course
                  Quantico         Exercise Communication School                       Coronado         Aviation Staff Planning Course

         86       Quantico         Command and Staff College
                  Houston          Steel Thrust Exercise
                  Quantico         Communication School Exercise

         87       Pendleton        MAB Steel Thrust Exercise
                  Quantico         Command and Staff College II

   88   Coronado MEB Planning Course
  Rilea, Oregon Steelthrust for 23rd Marines
   89   HQMC Wrote POI for Base CEO Course
  Quantico Steel Thrust for AWS

   90   Cherry Point Solar Flare, ACE Comm (July 90)



1985    Advanced NATO ELECTRONIC WARFARE COURSE at SHAPE Headquarters in Oberammergau, West Germany.

1984    Landing  Force  Communication  Planning  Course  at LFTCPAC, Coronado, CA.

1983    Air Force Command & Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.

1982    Air Control Operations Course, LFTCLANT, Little Creek, VA.

1980    Weapons Tactics Instruction Course instruction at MCAS Yuma AZ.

1979    ELECTRONIC WARFARE COURSE conducted by the German Army at the German Army Signal School, Feldafing.

1973    Landing Force Communications Planning Course, LFTCPAC, Coronado, CA.

1970    Registered Publications Course, Danang, RVN.

1969    Basic Communication Officers Course, MCDEC Quantico, VA.

1967    Anti Air Warfare Electronic Operators Course, 29 Palms


I have participated in numerous communication and air control operations and exercises, both in the Republic of Vietnam and in 14 Reserve exercises.   Electronic warfare has been heavily emphasized in many of these exercises.  I have participated in all phases of planning and implementing electronic warfare efforts.

I have taught numerous classes and short courses to members of my units and to Marines in the field.  I have written and implemented the Electronic Warfare Annex for several exercises. The Exercise High Intercept at Cherry  Point was  a  high  point, where  electronic warfare was a principle portion of the exercise, and where Radio Battalion told us that we were the best unit  hat they had ever worked against.  I received a letter of commendation from CG 4th MAW for these efforts.

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